The Right Way to Transport Dredge Pipe

Dredging hoses consists of outer shell, reinforcement and special carcass and inner rubber tube. They are engineered to transfer slurry, sediments and sand to other places. An important indicator depends on its resistance against abrasion. During the transportation, ground contact should be avoided in case of causing damage to the hose. in addition, spring steel wire is embedded in the hose. If lifting the hose like fig 1, the hose will deform and effect its overall performance. The right way to move dredging hose is similar to fig 2: without ground contact and deformation.

The wrong way to lift or move dredge hose
Fig 1 The wrong way to lift or transport dredging hose
The right way to lift dredge hose
Fig 2 The right way to life dredging hose
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