• Several orange hose floats are fixed on hoses to handle water.
  • A heap of discharge dredging hoses are on the ground.
  • Many floating dredging hoses are connected on the seawater.

Dredge Hoses of Super Large Scale for Special Purposes

Several hose floats, a suction dredge hose, a floating dredge hose and a discharge dredge hose.

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. has been focusing on supplying large scale dredging pipes for cut-suction dredge and trailing suction equipment. Dredging hoses are used to keep waterways navigable or to replenish sand on some beaches where sand lost has been caused by coastal erosion, or to widen or expanse port areas, lakes, canals, basins evolution and so on.

Dredging hoses are used to suction or discharge slurry, sand and bottom sediments. To perform longer and reduce maintenance time, they should be compatible with seawater environment such as corrosion and ozone degradation, but also has excellent abrasive resistance inside. These large scale hoses consist of multiply layers to deal with composite working environment.

Discharge dredging hose and suction dredging hose are equipped with steel flange and is easy to install and operate. Its inside diameter reaches about 52 inch which is larger than other supplier's and can meet a great number of applications. both of them are embedded with premium spring steel wire to load wave impacts.

To meet with constantly changing requirements, our company has introduced advanced production line from European and professional experts from famous university. Our final belief is to serve our customers with stable and reliable hoses at the most competitive prices.

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Dredging hose transportation should be avoided ground contact and excessive bending in case of unnecessary abrasion and deformation.